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Asgard Stories. Keel the Demonslayer. Charles Hawkmoon. The War of Blood and Bones: Orcs. Kenneth Guthrie. Stephan Weaver. A Binding of Demons. The Meldling. Claire Ryan. The Last Savior Omnibus.

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Loki Ragnarok. Mark Binder. The Last Oracle. Raven Kaldera. Phase One: Thor. Alex Irvine. A Fury of Angels. Various Unknown. Plague of Ice. Heir of Autumn. Giles Carwyn. Hel's Lover.

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Samantha MacLeod. Water Spell. Lizzy Ford. The Memory of Odin. Jason R. Half a Wizard. Stefon Mears.

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The Nameless Knight. Norhalla's Norse Legends. Rogue Magician. Curtis Cornett. Fallen Magician. Faites part de votre avis aux autres lecteurs en notant ce livre et en laissant un commentaire. It is fast paced, full of action, adventure, and love. A very strong entry in the fantasy genre, and if the next book is equally as good, expect it to make quite a splash. You can buy on Amazon now.

Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne. I've already said a lot about how damn good the book itself is and now I want to tell you how much better the audiobook is! Vance becomes each characters, delivering a startling performance and completely captivating you from start to end in both the first and second book in the series. What especially stands out here with his performance is that Vance voices each character and their individual nuances perfectly giving each character the unique character voice and portrayal they rightly deserve. And this makes the audiobook something pretty special. Ive talked a lot about how damn good The Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne is as one of the best new epic fantasy series to come out this decade.

So don't you dare miss this one.

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The Dresden Files is pretty much THE detective urban fantasy series that's spawned a thousand lesser imitators but few peers. Kick-ass wizard detective. A noir setting. Non-stop action. Double check. If you haven't started The Dresden Files, you are missing out on something powerfully good. While the series is a bit uneven, it's one of those that starts off slow, but gathers some serious momentum. Expect a lot of sleepless nights if you start it. James Marsters narration of The Dresden Files is fantastic, giving added depth and humanity to the character of Harry Dresden.

It's such a good narration of the books because James Marster pitches Harry Dresden with the perfect blend of world-wariness, sarcasm, and brazen devil-may-care heroics. Exactly the characteristics you would expect of the detective, all of which are nailed into Marster's voice as he reads. The Divine Cities. The novel starts off slow, but once it picks up steam, it never slows.

There's also some fantastic world building by Bennett with a whole world, lore, history, and mythos that's slowly revealed as the story progresses. The characters too are strong indeed. Bennett has always been an author who imbues his characters with complexity and City of Stairs is no exception to that.

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The characters leap from the story as real entities and you really care for them. The audiobook is superbly narrated by Alma Cuervo who proves she's got the voice to stand peer to peer with the best in the business. A remarkable reading on her part for both the male and female character voices. Alma manages to capture every nuance of the female protagonist, wringing out emotion in the right times, and giving the right kick to the action scenes. One of the best performances and one of the best female narrators out there, hands down.

If you love grimdark, Scull is putting out some of the best stuff in the genre right now equal in every way to Abercrombie. Doyles callus British accent and voice acting skills when voicing different characters especially complement the tone of the novel. Doyle does that thick cockney accent on some of the characters to perfection which helps flesh out the dark and gritty state of things in the war-torn world falling apart.

If you are looking for a powerful grimdark tale that rings all those bells that Abercrombie, Lawrence, and Cook ring, then this books is not to be missed. Keep in mind the world -- and events -- are some of the darkest and most brutal you will likely read. This is not a series for the faint of heart. But man, it's a hell of a series so far, made so much more impacting in the audiobook version by the awesome narrative prowess of Gerard Doyle who will have you cringing as the cast of characters are brutalized by the world and each other.

This is British cockney accent done so right, and so perfectly fitted for the context and characters of the novel. The Traitor Son Cycle. One of the best fantasy series currently out there thats quickly making some serious waves in the fantasy world. This is fantasy like youve never read it before full of detailed minutia, packed with a huge cast of characters, and full of non-stop action from cover to cover. There's sorcery, there's sword fights, there's knights, there's ladies, there's monsters, there's heroes, and there's an expanding and intricate plot that keeps on getting deeper with every novel.

Cameron writes a lot of medieval military minutia into his series. Everything is lavishly drawn, based on realistic Medieval history, from the weight of the armor to the layout of the military camps to knightly battles and tournaments. Mathew Wolf somehow manages to pack all this detail into his narration without missing a beat -- and to keep you utterly captivated on the story all the while.

A few hours into the books, youll feel like youve written all day in a saddle on your war steed yourself. The narrator has quite a bit of experience narrating Shakespearean literature and this powerful voice, and the author's experience voicing Shakespearean characters, is brought fully to bear upon this story giving the narration a depth, power, and presence. The Graveyard Book is absolutely one of the most touching fantasy tales to grace the genre.

It's such a poignant and emotional tale that you will fall helplessly in love with it. The audiobook version adds that extra emotional juice to the story. Even more, Neil Gaimen is one of the only authors who also narrates his own audiobooks, but does so with some serious panache and succeeds here. Gaimen knows his characters best and brings his story and characters to life in the most accurate way possible.

Its rare to have the author double as the voice actor -- and actually do a good job of it -- but in the case of The Graveyard Book, Gaiman gives a master performance to a a masterful story. This is one of those books that you will entrance both children and adults at the same time. It's perfect to listen to by yourself or with your kids before bed. The Shadow Campaigns. The audiobook version of the story is narrated by Richard Poe who does a crackling job of telling the story.

Poe has almost a Shakespearean quality to his voice while reading which adds presence and charisma to the key characters. Many of the top fantasy narrators have a strong British accent, but Poe's powerful yet almost poetic American accent works wonderfully for this story.

Poe, along with Michael Krammer, has one of the best American accent male voices. You really feel like you are marching the trenches with the characters, you feel earth shake as the magical battles erupt, and you are pulled along the highs and lows as the characters struggle to survive a world struggling amidst the chaos of magic and war. Poe really gets the military voice beat down perfectly.

You feel as though you are part of the military, you can feel the wind whip by as swords sweep down and feel the tremble as cannons boom. So for a top notch military fantasy tale that gets better and better with each book, give The Shadow Campaigns a listen. Book one starts with The Thousand Names and will rock your world. It's a poignant character- driven story that wrings your emotions dry then wrings them some more.

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It's the simple tale of a young unwanted 'half goblin prince' who's last in the line of succession with his Elvish side who through a misfortune of fate, becomes the emperor of an Eleven empire. Woefully unprepared and completely untrained to be empire, and facing a royal court -- and people -- who utterly detest him, the young goblin finds that' he's remarkably good at being emperor and must navigate the tricky waters of a royal court that wants to see him ousted, or worse The audiobook version of The Goblin Emperor absolutely awesome, due in part to the heart-wrenching narrative performance of Kyle McCarley.

A dark world needs a certain, dry narration combined with a narration that emphasizes how horrible the world really is. This is delivered on point with Pete Bradburys perfect narration of this outstanding book. While the first book in the series was mostly great read, the three sequel books completely dropped the ball and in my opinion, bringing what might have been a great series down to a mediocre one , this does not take away from the majesty of the first book There is a lot of power in the first book and the narration brings this captivating, chilling story to life.

If you are looking for an epic fantasy with a dark twist to it, with powerful heroes and an unique magical system, and a story that won't let you go from start to finish, The Warded Man is the book you are looking for. The sequels are pretty meh, but the first book is still absolutely worth the read. This indie-fantasy hit all the right notes to become a worldwide best seller, launching Ryan into the stratosphere of the fantasy elite -- at least for a time. The following two sequels proved to be serious disappointments for most readers, and Ryan became a sort of one-hit-wonder, never regaining the voice he found with his remarkable debut fantasy book The Blood Song.

Still, the narrative power and martial thrill of the first in the series, Blood Song, stands out as one of the better fantasy books released the past decade and gets my recommendation due to the strong emotional performance of Steven Brand and the compelling source material. While the audiobook may not be as good a performance as some of the other books on this list, the quality of the first book make it a book you should absolutely read, or better yet, listen to.

The audiobook edition solidifies this book as a great fantasy tale that must be experienced. And there is no better way to experience The Blood Song than the audiobook. We generate a very small commision if you buy an amazon product linked to from this site. These comissions help us keep the BestFantasyBooks running and funds site improvements. Top 25 Best Fantasy Audiobooks. Comments 0. British narrator Michael Page has won a slew of awards with good reason: he's one of the best narrators in the business. Listen to a sample of Michael Page's voice.

Similar Recommendations. Listiverse Recommendations. Comments 1. Listen to a sample of Tim Reynolds reading Red Rising. Comments 3. Listen to a sample of Steven Pacy's voice. The Axe and the Throne M. Listen to a sample of Matt Cowlrick's voice. Comments Listen to a sample of Rupert Degas's voice. Kramer has also narrated many other fantasy books including Mistborn , The Rithmatist , The Grace of Kings , The Iron Elves series , the Felix Caster series , and more The Way of Kings leaps from the pages to become something akin to a movie in your mind.

Listen to a sample of Michael Kramer's voice. Comments 4. This is one of those examples, and it's an audiobook that MUST be listened to if you can get your hands on it James Clamp does a stand out performance here; his performance of Lawrences Prince Jorg is pitch perfect perfection itself, embodying exactly how the character would be.

All reviews for: The Traitor Spy Trilogy

Listen to a sample Joe Clamp's voice. Comments 7. Listen to a Sample of Tim Curry's voice. Its compelling, its deftly written, and its something like youve never read before. However, while Guidall does a good job, he never lives up to the mastery that was Muller. Tears of a Heart Chase Blackwood.

Comments 2. Comments 9. And the audiobook is the best way to experience this series. Listen to an audio sample of James Marster's voice. She also narrates the sequel, City of Blades. Listen to a sample of Alma Cuervo's voice. Listen to a sample of Gerad Doyle's voice. A remarkable series of novels that helped defined what it means to be 'Gothic. The locations, the characters, the setting, the descriptive language are all lush, rich, and poetic by design.

Ghormenghast is one of the great early fantasy works and a masterpiece of English literature. It's a series that every fantasy lover with the patience should read. It's a trilogy where the castle Ghormenghast is itself every much a character as the actual humans who inhabit it. The audiobook does justice to Mervyn Peake's masterpiece. The reading of it is powerful, with Robert Whitfield giving a poetic and Shakespearean-like performance to how he voices the descriptions and the characters.

The audiobook brings to life all the poetic richness of Peake's marvelous language -- the Gothic descriptions, the creepy characters, the haunting castle all come to life under his narrative powers. A remarkable performance for a remarkable work of writing.

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    Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Grimoire of Zero. The cover of the first light novel, featuring the character Zero. Fantasy [1]. Anime television series. Anime and Manga portal. February 8, [11]. November 8, [12]. February 10, [13]. August 8, [14]. December 10, [15]. April 9, [16].

    August 10, [17]. December 10, [18]. April 8, [19]. August 10, [20]. December 9, [21]. May 9, [22]. October 10, [23]. March 10, [24]. August 10, [25]. January 10, [26]. June 27, [27]. The Mercenary , an unnamed white tiger Beastfallen, finds himself constantly on the run from bounty hunters and witches. He stumbles across a hungry little girl, who traps his latest attacker in a mud prison and reveals herself as a witch.

    Despite his initial suspicions of her, the Mercenary decides to share his soup and join her quest as her bodyguard to find a grimoire from a mage named Thirteen. The witch, later recognized as Zero , draws up a blood contact as a promise to return the Mercenary as a human after her quest is complete.

    However, the Mercenary tears up the contact and initiates a blood oath using their thumbs. The next day, Zero shows the Mercenary the difference between "sorcery" and "magic" against a boar in a forest, in which sorcery requires a magic circle while magic does not. Zero uses her knowledge to negate the spell of a boy who attacks them. Zero is revealed to be the one who wrote the grimoire that the boy and his comrades used to learn magic.

    The boy, recognized as Albus , accepts his defeat and joins Zero and the Mercenary on their trip. When they stop at a nearby spring to rest, Albus spots a ring in the water and decides to keep it. As the three head to a nearby village, a farmer gives them each a tomato and the mayor shows them to their lodge.