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About Mary Burton. Mary Burton. Mary Burton, whose latest novel is Hide and Seek, loves writing suspense, getting to know her characters, keeping up with law enforcement and forensic procedure, morning walks, baking, and tiny dachshunds. Tom Vandenkendelaere PPE. Want eerlijk gezegd, vier jaar geleden was daar helemaal geen zekerheid over. Een toekomst waarbij ook solidariteit en verantwoordelijkheid verder hand in hand zullen gaan, ondanks alle vooruitgang die Griekenland al geboekt heeft. Laten we eerlijk zijn. U bent misschien wel van de intensive care af, maar daarom bent u nog niet helemaal genezen.

Daarom vraag ik u garanties, garanties dat we niet teruggaan naar , naar de start van uw mandaat. Garanties ook dat we zonder memoranda niet teruggaan naar de manier waarop u er samen met Yannis Varoufakis in een half jaar in slaagde om miljard schade aan te richten, een cijfer dat ik hier niet ter plaatse uitvind, een cijfer dat Jeroen Dijsselbloem dit weekend nog eens bevestigde. Ik vraag u garanties, premier Tsipras, dat als u op onze solidariteit wilt blijven rekenen, wij ook op uw verantwoordelijkheid mogen blijven rekenen. What, then, is to be said about the loss of control by Greece and the European Union of critical strategic infrastructures, such as Piraeus Port and the telecommunications and energy networks which Greece had to sell to China as a result of the privatisation frenzy imposed by the neoliberal tracker programmes?

How are Greece and the EU to overcome such a strategic loss of control, which places in question our collective security? Nous ne pouvons pas oublier votre travail et votre engagement. Un grand merci et je vous donne tout de suite la parole. Je vous remercie pour votre attention. Personally, I do not know the details and therefore I would abstain from making any further comment. Olaf Stuger ENF. Dat was de grootste islamitische aanslag in de westerse wereld: duizenden slachtoffers en nog steeds tienduizenden nabestaanden. Dank u wel. Udo Voigt NI. Rebecca Harms, Rapporteur. This is not a surprise for my colleagues in the committee, but I am really disappointed that Parliament again failed to rebalance the research funds under Euratom in favour of challenges, especially around nuclear waste, which we face in many of our Member States.

The bill will come back to this House later on. Thank you for your attention. Daniel Hannan ECR. Of course, these days the overwhelming majority of customs checks are done online and in advance. Indeed, advances in blockchain will eventually make customs checks between all advanced economies irrelevant.

We already have a border on the island of Ireland. There are differential regulations, differential tax rates. There is some cross-border smuggling now, and it is policed away from the border. This is particularly true for disadvantaged urban and rural areas, as well as for cross-community relations. The northern Irish economy has benefited substantially from EU cohesion policy, and should continue to do so. The European Rural Development Fund has likewise helped agri-food businesses. I welcome this report and I voted in favour.

Questa relazione, che noi supportiamo, analizza le misure speciali che hanno permesso alla Grecia di non perdere le risorse del e di migliorare il tasso di assorbimento dell'attuale programmazione. Un'analisi olistica della situazione della Grecia, che esula da questa particolare relazione e dal regolamento specifico qui trattato, dovrebbe infatti considerare indicatori diversi dal PIL. It has returned to normality. But how can we talk of normality, given the economic and human ruin inflicted on that country over the past decade?

How can you begin to weigh up the ongoing cost to Greece of the lost talent from the generation driven into emigration? An irrecoverable generation. The report that we have just approved this morning sets out the important need to strengthen the rights of people in the workplace with a terminal illness. We must redouble our efforts, and I call again on the Commission today to take legislative action to ensure that people with a terminal illness are supported by their employers and have their full rights in the workplace protected.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who worked on this report. Member State employers should have the obligation to keep a positive work-oriented approach to people with disabilities, especially because they are very often excluded. Older workers are in favour of upskilling, ensuring their competences are used in the best way possible. The charter already covers three quarters of a million workers, and has been signed by many leading businesses and organisations such as E.

The campaign is about protecting workers if they get a terminal diagnosis. Some want to stop working, others to carry on, but nobody wants to face the sack. Then there is the question of stressful HR procedures, reduced financial security and loss of death in service payments. The majority of employers want to do the right thing, not to penalise a worker with incurable cancer, and that is why in the absence of legislation I am urging more companies across the East of England, large and small, to adopt the Dying to Work Charter.

Przypominam to na koniec ku przestrodze. Adam Szejnfeld PPE. Proprio secondo la definizione ripresa nel regolamento in esame, si intendono quelle relative anche al mercato del lavoro, e quindi alla previdenza sociale, alla liberalizzazione e privatizzazione dei servizi, per non parlare del campo dell'istruzione e della formazione.

Su questo non siamo e non saremo mai d'accordo. Ma siete sicuri che gli Stati membri facciano tutti come sta facendo il governo italiano, e quindi attuino quelle riforme contro la corruzione, per esempio, come il reddito di cittadinanza, che vanno nella direzione del bene comune, del bene dei cittadini, e non delle lobby, dei poteri forti e dei privati?

Indeed, no industry is immune to the perils of sexual harassment. I also think it is right to tackle everyday sexism. So I welcome this report to promote a culture of equality and respect. Urszula Krupa ECR. Nie, to nie jest forma przemocy. Judith Sargentini, Rapporteur. I thought we had company. Colleagues, today we are debating the state of the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights in Hungary. Tomorrow, President Juncker will present his State of the Union. I want to ask you colleagues today: what is the state of our Union?

What shape are we in? Sargentini, visto che ha appena iniziato. Today, we are debating the state of the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights in Hungary. Tomorrow, President Juncker will present his State of the Union, and I asked you before — I ask you now again, colleagues — today, what is the state of our Union? By signing up to the Treaty on European Union, all the Member States made a commitment — an obligation to defend, respect and promote these values, regardless of political differences. Are all the Member States fulfilling these commitments?

The Hungarian Government has effectively silenced independent media. It has put academia on a leash, and future generations will not learn to appreciate critical thinking. It has replaced independent judges with those with a closer tie to the regime. It has rules on which churches are allowed to worship and which churches are not.

It makes life miserable for NGOs that provide services to citizens in need, such as homeless people, migrants and refugees and marginalised groups like Roma. These are services that — to add insult to injury — lighten the work of local governments and are often financed through European Union funding. The report that is before you today comprehensively lists the actions that, together, represent a clear risk of a serious breach of the values of our Union.

Unfortunately, nothing has improved since this report was voted on in June. On the contrary, this summer, one of the last independent news channels changed ownership and, from one day to another, became the mouthpiece of the government. The propaganda tax on NGOs got through Parliament, and whether the Central European University can continue to function in Budapest is still a big question.

They did not do so. We are all the guardians of the Treaties. It is therefore our duty to act, under the very same Treaty that Hungary decided to ratify. The Civil Liberties Committee, after consulting four committees of this House, concluded that an Article 7. I do not think lightly about triggering that Article, but if this House fails to use this emergency brake, we fail to deliver to European citizens what was promised to them in the Treaty.

Colleagues, the time has come to make an important choice. Will you let a government violate the values upon which this Union was built without consequences, or will you ensure that the values of this Union are more than just words written on a piece of paper? Colleagues, I count on your support. Und seit den Wahlen hat sich die Lage zugespitzt. Und es ist kein Trost, dass es in Mitgliedstaaten wie Polen noch schlimmer ist.

Ich habe in der Stellungnahme des Kulturausschusses sehr deutlich gemacht, dass es um die Freiheit von Lehre und Forschung, die Medienfreiheit und die Lage von zivilgesellschaftlichen Organisationen in Ungarn schlecht steht. Seit der Verabschiedung meiner Stellungnahme im Ausschuss hat sich die Lage weiter verschlechtert. Damit legt die Regierung die Axt an die Grundfesten unserer pluralistischen Gesellschaft.

Manche behaupten, Sie sind demokratisch und stark. Nein, das sehen wir nicht! Sie tun es nicht! Frauenrechte sind hier in Europa nicht verhandelbar! Beifall von der linken Seite und Missfallensrufe auf der rechten Seite. Karoline Edtstadler, President-in-Office of the Council. There can be no compromises on the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

These are our common rules, and they have to be protected. At the Council we will have the opportunity to discuss these fundamental issues at the rule of law dialogue on trust in public institutions, to be held at the General Affairs Council in October. Subsequently the Council examines the proposal and hears the Member States in question. Today, we are at the beginning of the debate in this plenary and a vote in the European Parliament. The Council has not yet considered these matters. Therefore, the Presidency is not in a position to present a position of the Council.

We will listen attentively to the debate, and to the Prime Minister of Hungary. The report covers a wide range of measures in different areas taken by the Hungarian authorities over the last few years which give rise to serious concerns from the perspective of our common EU values. In this context, let me stress that democracy in our Member States, in our European Union, cannot exist without the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights.

They go together. These values characterise a society in which individual freedom, pluralism, non-discrimination and tolerance prevail. Sadly, the Commission shares the concerns expressed in the report, in particular, the concerns regarding fundamental rights, corruption, the treatment of Roma, and the independence of the judiciary. As regards fundamental rights, the report highlights important issues relating to civil society, academic freedom and media pluralism, which are crucial for the good functioning of democracy.

Civil society is the very fabric of democratic societies and is threatened by measures taken by the Hungarian authorities that lead to a shrinking space for civil society organisations. As a consequence, the Commission has referred Hungary to the Court of Justice regarding its law on foreign-funded NGOs and has launched an infringement procedure on the Hungarian legislation criminalising assistance for asylum seekers. The Commission has also referred Hungary to the Court of Justice regarding the Hungarian higher education law for non-compliance with EU law, including academic freedom.

As regards the treatment of asylum seekers, the Commission has referred Hungary to the Court of Justice for non-compliance with EU law regarding its asylum and return legislation. Let me also stress that EU legislation provides that Member States have to ensure that the basic needs of persons in transit zones are covered and that they are treated in a humane and dignified manner.

This includes providing food to asylum seekers staying in border zones. I would say that this is the humane — or, should I say, the Christian — way of doing things. The Commission shows zero tolerance towards fraud against the EU budget and carries out regular audits to assess the functioning of the national management and control system, based on regularly updated risk management.

If deficiencies are identified, adequate corrective actions are carried out. Through the supervisory role of the Commission, Hungarian operational programmes for EU structural and investment funds have been the subject of the highest amount of financial corrections in and of all the EU Member States. Moreover, the European Anti-Fraud Office has opened investigations where there was sufficient suspicion of fraud and other irregularities. These recommendations are based on the European Semester country report for Hungary, where the Commission identified challenges related to the effectiveness of its national anti-corruption framework in preventing corruption, curbing favouritism in public administration, transparency and its access to information regime, and the prioritisation of fighting high-level corruption via effective investigations and prosecutions.

The Commission will monitor and assess any measures taken by the Hungarian authorities to address these recommendations. The Commission launched infringement proceedings against Hungary in May for discrimination against Roma children on the grounds of their ethnic origin in the field of education. Hungary entered into a constructive dialogue with the Commission and has subsequently adopted legislative amendments to prevent segregation and to desegregate.

Challenges concerning the functioning and independence of the judicial system in Hungary also require close monitoring. In particular, as raised in a European Semester country report, more could be done to better balance the powers between the President of the National Office for the Judiciary and the National Judicial Council. The Commission is also the guardian of the Treaties, I say to Parliament. The Commission is using all the instruments at its disposal to address concerns, in the manner the Commission considers most effective.

This was an unprecedented step in the history of our European Union. Unlike the European Parliament, the Commission has a right under the Treaty on European Union to launch infringement procedures and, in the case of Hungary, has launched many value-related infringement proceedings. It is also using other instruments, including audits and investigations relating to the use of EU funds and actions through the European Semester, the EU annual cycle of economic policy coordination.

The Commission remains committed to upholding the fundamental values of the Union and will continue to closely monitor the situation in Hungary in this regard. The Commission will not hesitate to take further action if necessary. My promise to you is that we will be relentless.

An important decision lies ahead of us and, yes, we feel a need for self-assurance, when we have this discussion ahead of us, about the European way of life. We are discussing, for example, something which has a lot to do with freedom. He spoke about the essence of what Europe believes in: about freedom, about freedom of expression, media freedom and freedom of science.

With his words in mind, my Group and I cannot understand why the Central European University in Budapest is in a critical situation and can no longer award a US diploma. Freedom of science is a fundamental value for the European Union. A second point I want to mention is the fact that, in a democracy, a majority in society governs.


Amor Perigoso

I want transparency about the funding sources for NGOs, I want to know who the internet giants in Russia are who are financing bodies in the European Union. But to have an atmosphere in a society in which government critics and NGOs have a problem in continuing their work is not what we, as the PPE Group, believe in. There is a third point I want to mention.

We may have different ideas on solving the migration issue, but one thing must be clear: if we say generally that you need to be afraid about Muslims, and we attack a religion generally, then we are doing the job of the jihadists who want to create a clash within our societies. The European ideals of freedom of religion and the separation between states and churches are the principles on which we invented human rights — not Christian rights — on this continent. We worked constructively with Roberta Metsola in the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs on the preparation of the document which is on the table.

We have consistently supported Viviane Reding in previous times and Frans Timmermans today in relation to infringement procedures. And I have to say that, in the past, Hungary was always ready to compromise. As we are talking about dialogue, I want to underline that it is my wish that the dialogue in Council could start. So what I would ask for is an end to public accusations among our political leaders. Let them put this on the agenda of the next Council and be honest with each other.

I would expect this from the Council. We all must decide between egoism and partnership, between nationalism and Europe, between dogmatism and unity. These are at stake and there is a broader picture ahead of us. For myself, I must say I never had the need to decide because I was always a convinced European and it is also in my DNA that I want to be a bridge-builder. I want to try to achieve a compromise, I want to reach an agreement: that is part of my political DNA. And, with this in mind, I want to add a last point to the current discussion on the table.

And, colleagues, demonstrators in Bratislava have showed their concerns on the streets, they have no trust in their Government. So I hope that, among the pro-European democratic parties, we can be united in the upcoming discussion in this House, in fighting for media freedom in all regards and not only when it concerns one country or one discussion.

There is a second example I want to share with you. We had mass demonstrations this summer not in Budapest but in Bucharest, with violence on the streets. The President needed to intervene in these demonstrations and had to ask the police to be more careful. There is a Government misusing a majority to protect the already-sentenced Socialist Party leader.

We all agreed, including the Socialists, to put this on the agenda in the next plenary, and again I hope that everybody is ready to fight against corruption in all regards and not only in one specific case that is on the table. Yes, Europe needs self-assurance and we have to defend our ideas and our common values, in all our political families, and we have to use the platform of the political families to convince each other that we have a future only if we stick together. In this spirit, the founding fathers of Europe created the European Union: always to reach out the hand; to build bridges at critical moments; and to stick to the rule of law in every situation.

Das sollten wir tun. Aber das ist nicht der Diskurs, den Sie anschlagen. Deswegen geht diese Diskussion nicht mehr so weiter. Es hat nichts gefruchtet. Das bedauern wir, aber es ist so. It has been rehearsed so many times. Nothing new. Another instalment of an attack on their democratically elected governments. The Fidesz government has had massive support for the last decade. You said it is not an attack on Hungarian society, but on the Hungarian Government.

Well, somebody elected this government. It was not Snow White and the seven dwarves. If you do not like it, just abolish the election and appoint somebody from outside to be the viceroy of Hungary. I think Mr Timmermans will be more than willing to take the job. And after that you do that, do the same with Poland. That will solve all the problems. The resolution that you have read — at least some of you must have read it — is so biased.

To say it is biased is an understatement. It is exclusively based on the information from anti-Fidesz groups, and the argument of the majority of the Hungarians on the government has been simply ignored, and this is a regular practice here. This has been done in the case of Poland too. The replies of the government had been thrown into the wastebasket. They are just not taken into account.

Take the case of the Central European University. This school was established as a foreign institution with certain privileges, and the government wants to restrict these privileges. It has nothing to do with teaching, research, academic freedom or freedom of thought. In many EU countries the function of foreign academic institutions is very restricted, far more restricted than the current Hungarian law provides. Why is it that you tolerate certain arrangements and certain practices in your own countries and you demand that the Hungarians change their law?

This is absolutely unacceptable. The good side of this is that all this entire spectacle is counter-productive. So I suspect the same will happen in Hungary. Those are not my words; they have been said before. Also, I will not come back to all the violations that have been put in this report. That is the reality of today. My intervention is not to you, it is especially to our EPP colleagues, and I have one plea, which is that hopefully this evening they will follow their conscience when they decide on this.

We are talking about somebody of the family, and I can tell you that I had the same problem at a certain moment. We did it in the end, also based on counsel, because we thought that more important than size and power are in fact principles and values. The second reason is for European reasons, Manfred. What we are living today is the survival and existential battle over the survival of the European project. Dear colleagues, please for once see that he is the seed of discord that will ultimately destroy our beautiful European project and please, together with us, stop this nightmare this evening in your Group.

I am sure that for Hungarians of a certain age today will have brought back many dark memories. And Article 7 is the new method of adopting that. In Hungary he spent money to promote illegal immigration into your country and you, quite rightly, have stood up to him and closed him down. I wish we all did the same. It is time to be more logical. Come and join the Brexit club. Nicolas Bay, au nom du groupe ENF. Hier, M. So spricht kein Diplomat, schon gar nicht jemand, der an einem sachlichen und ernsthaften Meinungsaustausch interessiert sein sollte.

Vor allem ist es ein durch die Faktenlage nicht zu rechtfertigender Vorwurf. Die Entscheidung liegt jetzt beim Plenum, und es ist eine klare Entscheidung notwendig. Es hat keinen Sinn mehr, das weiter auf die lange Bank zu schieben. Die Probleme erledigen sich nicht von selbst, und schon gar nicht lassen sie sich aussitzen. Um es klarzumachen, liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, eine illiberale Demokratie gibt es nicht.

Der Osten Europas hat schon einmal diese bittere Erfahrung gemacht. Wir haben es morgen in der Hand, ein historisches Signal zu setzen. Marek Jurek ECR. Panie Premierze! So all we are doing is keeping you to your word. And you know what? The Hungarian people want you to keep your word, because they want to remain at the heart of the European Union. But then you have to play by the rules and respect the rules. Debates like this one today are about a very difficult situation, and some people are getting rather desperate about how to get out of that situation, but I think this is just a difficult phase in a bigger process of the European Union coming of age as a community of values and a community of law.

And we will get out of this situation. Maybe we should do that by de-dramatising and de-politicising. Her report is a very accurate picture of the state of play of democracy and the rule of law in your country, and it is not a pretty sight. Why are they getting away with it? Well I have difficulty answering my voters. So we have a duty to hold you to the same rules and standards as everybody else.

The strong message of the European Parliament is that we are not willing to let Hungary go. Hungary is a member of this family, and we will fight to get Hungary back on track and give Hungarian citizens the European values that they are entitled to, like anybody else. That is what we will be voting on tomorrow.

Echter Friede entsteht nur durch Akzeptanz der Unterschiedlichkeiten. Ihr seid stark! Darum stellt euch gegen Rechtsextremismus! Gestaltet mit uns ein Europa der Gerechtigkeit, in dem Rassismus keinen Platz hat! James Carver NI.

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She sits on the right of politics and not all Roma are necessarily on the left of politics, just like all people within society, and all this talk of anti-Roma Es geht um den unglaublichen Antrag dieses Parlaments, Ungarn seine Stimmrechte im Rat entziehen zu lassen. Meine Damen und Herren!

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Ich glaube, der heutige Tag wird in die Geschichte eingehen. Wir haben in ganz Europa bereits den Niedergang der Sozialdemokratie erlebt. Die Christdemokratie wird der Sozialdemokratie in den Abgrund folgen. Ab wird sich das auch in diesem Haus und in seinen Koalitionen widerspiegeln. Lassen Sie sich von dem pseudomoralischen Geheuchel dieses Hauses nicht von Ihrem richtigen Weg abbringen — egal, wie hier morgen entschieden wird.

Auke Zijlstra ENF. Dat heeft de bedoeling om een democratisch gekozen overheid van een land dat de principes van democratie, vrijheid en Europese en christelijke waardes hanteert, te onderwerpen. Het is fundamenteel onjuist dat het Europees Parlement functioneert als opperrechter en bepaalt of een nationaal parlement wetgeving wel of niet mag implementeren. Nog even afgezien van het feit dat de onderbouwing voor een veroordeling van Hongarije in het verslag van mevrouw Sargentini ook ten enenmale onvoldoende is.

U begrijpt, wij gaan tegen stemmen. Roberta Metsola PPE. That means taking tough but necessary decisions. We know that appeasement never works, we know that our values are worth more than just the paper they are written on, and we know that from some things, we cannot look away. Europe is a hope, it is a promise, it is an ideal, and I see Europe as the pillar of light sandwiched between Trumpian clouds and Putinesque shadows. Our European way — of freedom, compassion, fierce personal liberty, passionate equality, the rule of law, free thought, free movement and a free press, and the protection of minorities is a global symbol of enduring courage.

We should be proud of that. The litmus test of a European nation is how well these values are nurtured and protected. If, despite everything, despite all the calls to change direction, despite all the extended hands of friendship, our values remain under serious threat, as they are in Hungary, then we must act. We must choose the politics of hope over the politics of fear and cheap populism. We must protect the European way, always. And so, in the name of all those who sat in this Chamber before us, in the name of all those who believed and believe still, tomorrow I shall stand up for Europe.

We are shaping the future of the European Union here and there are complaints about the Hungarian institutions, Hungarian rule of law and so on. So yes, let us settle those questions then. But some would like to see Hungary and other central European countries under control, obediently following the wrong directives of Brussels given from above according to the explanation of the common rules, but with different biases.

It was mentioned here that we are united in diversity, so how has it come about that you want to kick out someone for being so different? We have some different opinions, yes. After 40 years of Communist oppression, we are entitled to shape the EU project as well. We experienced totalitarianism already; we experienced the dictating of opinions. There are so many wrong things with Europe today: unrealistic federalisation, disrespect of the natural family of one man and one woman and of human dignity, more opposition to the freedom of speech. There are examples in EU Member States.

It is a false gospel, and I ask you: let us deal with that, please. Und genau das will ich als Freidemokratin nicht, und deshalb ist es meine Pflicht, hier auch meine Stimme zu erheben. Ich fordere deswegen auch ganz klar von der EVP und im speziellen von der CSU morgen ein ganz klares Bekenntnis hin zu den freiheitlichen Werten in Europa und eine klare Aussage gegen eine illiberale Demokratie. Cela doit cesser, et le vote du rapport Sargentini est un premier pas en ce sens.

Mara Bizzotto ENF. Questa Europa va cambiata, e noi la cambieremo da cima a fondo per dare sicurezza, giustizia e vera democrazia ai nostri cittadini. Othmar Karas PPE. Die EU ist eine Rechts- und Wertegemeinschaft. Werte und Recht kennen kein parteipolitisches oder taktisches Mascherl.

Jussi Halla-aho ECR. Many of those problems are inherited from the past, and they are in no way unique to Hungary. These shortcomings are not the reason why Hungary has become the prime target of the Commission and this Parliament. The real sin of the Hungarian Government is that it wants to protect the country from damaging mass immigration from the Third World.

The Hungarian Government and the majority of Hungarian voters do not wish to repeat the catastrophic mistakes we have made in Western Europe. I very much sympathise and support that position. Unfortunately, liberal immigration policies and multiculturalism have become the European value in this House. Almost anything else can be forgiven, but not questioning that value. This is why we are having this debate. Harald Vilimsky ENF. Mitnichten ist das der Fall! Da regieren die Sozialisten, da stecken wir den Kopf in den Sand.

Vogliamo un'Europa forte, garante dei diritti e della democrazia di tutti i suoi cittadini. Monica Macovei ECR. Se cere recuperarea acestor 40 de milioane de euro de la Ungaria, de la factorul politic. Frank Engel PPE. This is not, of course, Brussels, but since Brussels is all that embodies the nefarious influences upon Hungary for you, I suppose that between here and Brussels there is no difference. Europe has to be Brussels, and Brussels is not good for the country. Because it would impose migration, because it would impose certain functioning measures and certain democratic standards, probably because it would also be looking after its money.

The only reason why unemployment is where it is, is not the prowess of the government; it is the fact that people have voted with their feet. Now otherwise, what happens with the money? Enormous billboard campaigns against Brussels, against the Commission, against Parliament, against the Commission President, against Soros on the sidelines — but that is not really relevant in the Brussels context, apart from the fact that we are all apparently doing the bidding of Mr Soros. The only thing I know is that I never had a study grant from him. Other people apparently did. Others have accepted favours.

I noticed one thing and that is that today you are even more behaving like the leader of a sect than ever before. Among the many mails that we got, Prime Minister, there was one from Pastor Ivanyi, who I believe once officiated at your wedding. I do not think he is less good at religion and less good at Christianity than you are, and he is not feeling comfortable any longer. And I am not comfortable with this discourse because the Christian democracy that I want to belong to is a Christian democracy that accepts the secular state. What you are doing in Hungary is dangerous, but the Hungarians seem to vote for you.

Let them go on doing that; we will vote for something else tomorrow, at least as far as I am concerned. Det er uden for min fatteevne! Det er i hvert fald ikke at samle Europa i mangfoldighed. Prime Minister, this is not the first time we have discussed in Parliament such problems in one of our Member States; and the fact that you are here to face the critics deserves some respect. You certainly have courage. That said, I cannot deny that I am concerned, and have been for some time, about what I am hearing and reading in reports from your country.

To me, many of your actions are not in line with the principles and values of our political Group. Your answers are keenly awaited. Peter Lundgren ECR. This debate is not about condemning, sanctioning and accusing. It is to reach out to the Hungarian people, to engage in an open dialogue and to uphold our shared values and their rights as Europeans, based on facts and rules. Democracy is more than winning elections. Our union is founded on human rights, civil liberties and freedoms.

Instead, splitting East and West and pursuing hard nationalism undermines our Union. Christianity is about respecting human dignity and helping the most vulnerable in need, not sabotaging any European solution on migration. There is no illiberal democracy. Everything else is regimes. Now you want to export your model, spreading the acute Salvinitis virus that is affecting Italy, lining up with populists in France, Poland, the Swedish Democrats and even Putin.

Bad company! Rest assured, we in the PPE Group are not going to give up our identity, nor lose our compass. Citizens are watching. Either we stand up for our values or we are dragged down in the populist meltdown. Hace tiempo que hemos aprendido que cuando una democracia necesita de adjetivos es que ha dejado de serlo. Ai colleghi del Movimento 5 Stelle, che vedo particolarmente assenti e silenti, dico che voglio vedere come voteranno, se saranno in Italia e in Ungheria e in Europa per lo Stato di diritto, oppure no.

Milan Zver PPE. V nasprotnem primeru tvegamo veliko. Najbolj pa skrbijo dvojna merila, ki jih evropska levica pogosto izvaja. Praviloma so na prangerju desnosredinske vlade. Kje ste bili takrat, vi varuhi vladavine prava? Da ne omenjam Romunije. Komu naj sedaj verjamemo? Alors, si Cela suffit, merci beaucoup. On passe maintenant au Catch the eye. Dites ce que vous voulez, cela suffit, merci Madame, merci beaucoup. On passe au Catch the eye. Marijana Petir PPE.


Coming from a civil society background, I can feel the pulse on the streets, and I was on the streets of Budapest in July for Pride, a civil society action. I did not see you standing shoulder to shoulder with the Hungarian people of all ages, the families with their children, who came out in force to stand up for gender equality and non-discrimination.

On that day we had to march with police protection because there was a fascist counter-march. You have created this state of xenophobia and creeping fascism. Fear of the other stalks your land. The racists, the misogynists and the homophobes are emboldened by your illiberal, anti-European, regressive values. Their four grandparents, nine out of the 10 of their uncles and six out of the six of their aunts.

See a Problem?

Yet, still, my wife is a Kelly, one of the most common immigrant names. Yet, still, we have a Kelly in here who describes you as having courage and says how he respects you. Mario Borghezio ENF. Voglio solo dirle questo: avevo nove anni quando nel tutti i giornali e i telegiornali, all'epoca ancora in bianco e nero, ci facevano vedere questi ragazzi del suo paese che combattevano a mani nude contro i carri armati.

Elisabetta Gardini PPE. Se avessimo ascoltato bene quello che dicevano i nostri colleghi ungheresi, avremmo capito che forse molte delle cose scritte nella relazione dell'on. Sargentini andrebbero forse riviste. Guardate che noi rischiamo di aprire il vaso di Pandora. Io non credo che sia l'attivazione dell'articolo 4, noi dobbiamo chiedere invece dialogo, dobbiamo chiedere un sostegno intelligente. Io credo che se noi votiamo questa cosa ci comportiamo, come Parlamento, veramente come un elefante nella cristalleria e otteniamo l'effetto opposto.

Ascoltiamo i colleghi ungheresi.

First of all, the Commission operates on the basis of the Treaty on European Union. The Treaty was signed by sovereign nations and was adopted in sovereign nations. You cannot use the argument of democracy to ignore the rules. Everything I put in my report at the beginning of this debate, and all the concrete issues I have put before you are based in fact. They are issues we have with the Hungarian Government on the basis of, in our view, rules that are not being respected. We will pursue this in a dialogue with the Hungarian Government and we will take the Hungarian Government to court if we believe that they violate the rules that were agreed at European level.

That is a task of the Commission. Whether I was elected to this position or not is neither here nor there. What we do is we respect the Treaties and this role was given to the Commission in the Treaties. The Treaties are the fundament upon which we operate. I just want to add one issue to that: when we criticise the Hungarian Government and its legislative measures, we do this very precisely. One final remark: the emptiness of the arguments on this side need to be compensated by screaming and shouting.

Volume will not compensate for the emptiness of your arguments, sir. Finally, I want to reiterate that the Commission believes that the only European way is through dialogue. That is the rule of law in Europe. Europe was created on the basis of rights of individuals. That is why we can never ignore the rule of law, nor fundamental rights, and using the argument of democracy against the law and fundamental rights is going back to a European history none of us want to see again.

Therefore, these values are at the heart of our concerns. As the Presidency, we will act as an honest broker, and I can assure you that the Presidency will closely follow the vote and will pay particular attention to all views expressed today. As I stated at the beginning, there will be no compromises regarding democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

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I will explain why. For instance, the Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna, one of our agencies, is not allowed to do that. And why is that? Because Member States in the Union have been shying away from looking at the state of their country when it comes to democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law. Some speakers asked why Hungary? Why not Romania, Slovakia, Malta? If you look at my track record I have been supporting every debate that deals with rule of law in a Member State, and I can tell you that Romania is going to be on the agenda next time if you all agree with a proposal that the Greens have made.

And I know that the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs is going to visit Malta and Slovakia next week to look into the issues around the murder of journalists and corruption. I think that is important. I think we should keep that in mind. Now, if you, as a representative of a minority grouping, manage to break through a glass ceiling, good for you. A government is a service provider to its people — all its people — and a government that is elected with such an enormous majority has extra responsibility to bring along all its people.

Nepotism is not a European value. I ask the House to vote in favour of this report. Tomorrow Commissioner Juncker will talk about the State of the Union. Well, this is a decisive moment for the state of our Union. Dichiarazioni scritte articolo As a convinced defender of our common values, I am profoundly concerned about the recent threats to what binds together, represented by the cruel murderers of journalists in Malta and Slovakia, the questionable judicial reforms in Poland, the threat to the rule of law in Romania, by a ruling party led by a politician who has been sentenced to prison, and the current state of democracy in Hungary.

Expressamos a nossa solidariedade com todos os que, na Hungria, resistem e lutam contra estes ataques. Compreender para combater. Nada disto pode ser ignorado. O Parlamento Europeu tem de se unir. Antanas Guoga PPE , in writing. A year after that discussion in Parliament, we see that the situation in Hungary is getting worse. What kind of business deal is that? Het handhaven van de grondrechten van de Unie, de democratie en de rechtsstaat is daar een onderdeel van.

Als we het hebben over een Europa dat beschermt, dan betekent dat niet enkel dat we onze buitengrenzen beter moeten beschermen, maar ook dat we de Hongaren beschermen. We bevinden ons vandaag immers in een tijdperk waarin bedreigingen zich niet enkel buiten onze grenzen bevinden, maar helaas ook binnen onze grenzen. Axel Voss, Berichterstatter. Es geht nicht nur um die Frage, wie Gewinn erzielt werden soll. Es geht eigentlich hier auch um die Frage der Selbstbehauptung Europas.

Das ist neu. Das haben wir bislang so nicht von den Plattformen verlangt. Es geht letztlich auch immer um die Frage des kulturellen Diebstahls. Es geht nicht darum, jemanden zu behindern, seine Werke hochzuladen, und es geht auch nicht darum, irgendwelche Zukunftsdimensionen zu verhindern. Aber wir sollten anfangen, jetzt auch an die andere Seite zu denken, die hier in Frage steht.

Fangen wir am besten hier mit dem Urheberrecht an! Deshalb bitte ich Sie, hier konstruktiv mit teilzunehmen. The proposals to protect copyright owners are so restrictive that they could have a detrimental effect on the freedom of expression. To fundamentally change platform liability through copyright and not the e—Commerce Directive is dangerous and deceitful. What will this lead to? Filtering, where error—prone and hypersensitive algorithms will remove anything that could pose a risk. This includes legal content.

Mariya Gabriel, membre de la Commission. Dans ces deux cas, les objectifs poursuivis sont essentiels. Pani Komisarz! Les nouvelles propositions garantissent, noir sur blanc, les droits fondamentaux de chacun. En cuanto a las enmiendas alternativas propuestas por el resto —dicho con todo respeto—, en todo caso, simplemente sirven para reforzar la injusticia. Esto no beneficia a nadie. Por ese motivo debemos crear un marco de condiciones que permita a las editoras hacer frente igualmente a ese poder. W przypadku art. If anybody was in any doubt about the power of platforms, the exercise that those platforms carried out in terms of targeting this Parliament, Members of Parliament, and indeed, policy advisors and staff that were working on our behalf, should leave them in no doubt at all as to the tremendous power that they wield.

That was not an exercise in democracy. That was an exercise in manipulation, and we must ensure that there is a greater balance that comes out of this process that we are undertaking at this moment in time. I think this is a balanced solution. And very finally, I am pleased to have introduced proportionality into the text so that small and micro-enterprise platforms Copyright law cannot bring back lost newspaper subscriptions and it cannot bring back lost advertising revenues. The truth is that news articles are already protected by copyright, and if platforms use them without paying they are already breaking the law.

Our alternative proposal will allow publishers to enforce that law without limiting the freedom to link. The neighbouring right, on the other hand, has been tried and has failed before. Simply wishing it will work this time around is not a solution. It is time that we turned the discussion away from what we would like the proposals to do, towards what they will actually do.

Even if they could find all the rightholders, if just one of them refused a licence, the platforms would have to filter. They would simply block both. Upload filters will just give YouTube and Facebook an excuse not to pay. Instead, they will sell their filters to small European platforms, a danger that even the United Nations Special Rapporteur for freedom of expression had called by its name: censorship.

The proposals may be well intended, but they suffer from a reality gap. We have to stick to what copyright law can do to support creators without trying to bend it to solve other problems and without threatening fundamental rights. That is what the amendments I have tabled do. They are not what big tech wants and they are certainly not the Pirate Party position. Please vote for them so that we can preserve the positive parts of this directive that will actually help creators.

Che i diritti degli autori e dei creatori vengono utilizzati strumentalmente per giustificare il mantenimento di posizioni di rendita sul mercato. Noi del Movimento 5 Stelle pensiamo che per proteggere i diritti dei cittadini si debba guardare al futuro e non continuare ad applicare le vecchie categorie del passato. En premier lieu, politiquement. En second lieu, socialement.

Prendrons-nous le risque, demain Demain, je voterai pour les amendements du rapporteur et tous Angelika Niebler PPE. Und wie machen wir das? Nur darum geht es. Kein Mensch will das Internet zensieren, wie immer wieder behauptet wird.

Maluma - Corazón (Official Audio) ft. Nego do Borel

Es ist sehr, sehr viel Unwahres in dieser Debatte verbreitet worden. Es war eine richtige Entscheidung, dass wir im Juli beschlossen haben, die Copyright-Richtlinie nochmals im Plenum zu debattieren. Unser Abstimmungsverhalten wird sich an diesen Zielvorstellungen orientieren. Potrzebujemy prawdziwego kompromisu. But the protection of copyright, and ever more of it, is not the direction that Europe needs. This has been a depressing debate with claims of fake news flying back and forth, rock star experts and aggressive lobbying from big companies, on both sides of the argument.

But this should not distract us from the substance of what is at stake. So with 50 colleagues we seek a compromise that puts the public interest first and is proportionate between the need to enforce copyright but also to respect fundamental rights. So that means no upload filters, but proportionate remuneration for creators. We also speak of a freedom of panorama and an exemption for user-generated content. So I hope for your support, so that we can move on together and show compromise can work.

The vast majority I have received have asked me to vote against it or at least to vote for those amendments which would mitigate its worst effects. Otherwise this report would have gone unopposed for negotiations to the Commission and we would have been stuck with whatever came out of the legislative sausage machine. This report is another example of the one—size—fits—all legislation to supersede national legislation and laws and it will cause bigger problems than those they are supposed to fix. Of course authors should have their works protected under fair and appropriate copyright laws, but this legislation is not the answer.